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2016: May 3—6

a tapestry weaving workshop

and teaching philosophy

    matrixes, stones 3003 - Copy               Taos Mktplce April 2012 Neiderman crop 1 

Artist and teacher Margaret Sunday is intrigued by matrixes. A basic matrix of weaving is the repeating framework of warp and weft; yet the spontaneous effluence of hairlines we find in gemstones is also called the matrix, or mother—a tissue of originating substance captured in the stone’s formation. Each type of matrix has a defining beauty, wholeness and mystery; for Sunday, their convergence compels discovery. The interplay of matrixes, in their physical, visual and metaphorical dimensions, forms the basis of her teaching and the innovative tapestries she creates.

Workshop participants will explore tapestry weaving through familiar techniques of weaving combined with improvisational “needle-play” on small, frame, rigid heddle and other simple looms. Exercises for developing organic matrixes within a weaving structure will be presented, and an adventurous approach of trial and error will be nurtured. Subject matter, palette, style and other considerations of individual preference are open, however, the experience of this workshop will be most gratifying for those who come expecting to depart from their original paths, invent, play and be surprised by their tapestries as they evolve. Participants will be asked to bring their own looms, hand tools, weaving yarns and threads (warp and weft), and other supplies.

photo credits: detail, “penelope dissembling in frackutopia” by John Blake; “Hands” by Sharon Niederman