pantyhose 1 and 2, Margaret Sunday 2017

pantyhose 3 and 4, Margaret Sunday 2017

pantyhose 5 and 6, Margaret Sunday, 2017

pantyhose 7 and 8, Margaret Sunday, 2017pantyhose 9, Margaret Sunday, 2017pantyhose 10, Margaret Sunday, 2017


pantyhose 14, Margaret Sunday, 2017

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Sunday__old interactive muff__6089

my daughter brought a hand warming muff home from the thrift store and said, “here, you might be able to do something with this.” I peeled away the soiled faux-fur sleeve to find a small feather bag within. the tag on the pull string at bottom reads, “pull gently”. this piece is called “Old Interactive Muff .

Pantyhose, monotype, M. Sunday 2017 jpegPantyhose II, monotype, M. Sunday 2017 jpeg


these works are about visible and not-so-visible, see-through, controls→ 5 women on the Trump stage wear caucasiod-colored high heels and stockings of an exact match, bendy Barbie feetBarbie legs and finial feet, that’s 10 legs counted, 10 alike→  notice how in profile view, the feet of our 1950’s Barbies echo the feet of hoofed ruminants→ how are these women seen? how are they to be seen? what does it mean for the rest of us? 

artwork photographed by john blake