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Sunday_seal hole full size_ - Copy (2)

Listening at the Seal Hole


Eclipse 2017 jpg



purple cloud/ Temple of Vishnu 2017 jpeg

Temple of Vishnu


Kneeling Nun at Chino Mine,NM - jpg Copy

The Kneeling Nun at Chino Mine, New Mexico


Self-portrait with lapettes. Cropped frame. jpg

Self-portrait with Lapettes


Penelope Dissembling in Frackutopia , Margaret Sunday 2015 .jpeg                                                                                                                                                                                                                   penelope dissembling in frackutopia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ______________________                                                                                                            __________Untitled jpeg

Self-portrait with novelty hat


Sunday,A Little Something from the Manufacturie

A Little Something from the Manufacturie


A Transect through the Enchanted Wood


Green Places


Near to Far_7678 c 1

 Near to Far


Wintersky Trio


Way up the Mountain_7688 c 1

Way Up the Mountain, Middle Ground


Granite Lace


Continental Shims Tiff to jpeg

Continental Shims


Sky Tract Matrix


 Rock Garden for Sue Ping


photography: Listening…, Self-portrait with Lapettes, The Kneeling Nun…, penelope dissembling…, Self-portrait with Novelty Hat, Near to Far, Way Up the Mountain, A Transect…, Sky Tract Matrix, Continental Shims, A Little Something…, Rock Garden… by John Blake. Wintersky Trio, Green Places, Granite Lace by Brennan Studios