a sum of changes  

May 2016                         

Live-edge pine planks, mounted alternating front and back on staggered wooden posts, set up a zigzag basketry across the field. The night is dark and quiet now as it was before, and on the gathered strength of many lines, we see the bay again.

PICK UP STICKS south view 5.16  Building the new barrier deep in the field, 4 trucks sank to the fenders in mud on a certain afternoon— one black, one white, one apple red, and the shiny black rescue truck, too— a monster truck with a grass-green cab showed up and liberated them all with a springy rope. It was a colorful event. Mud was one of the considerations that brought PICK UP STICKS nearer to the house.











February 2016 update ((word comes from Maine— the fabric wall does not survive the winter. a barrier made of locally milled live-edge pine  will be replacing it in May.))


PICK UP STICKS Information Sheet July 18, 2015 pdf

October 2015:  

I made a rookery

(“kee-kirrikiree”)rookery head shot


M. Sunday, Rookery, Preacher

HPIM2583ML. Sunday, Rookery, Two-tone


 a great woven lobster

12 ft. high x 15 ft. wide


  some sticks

Pick Up Sticks at 19th Street, 2HPIM2594

in Colorado, ready to ship to Maine



at Heroncrest in Searsport.

Carolyn and Tanja made a seedling forest

100 White Cedars, 50 Hybrid Willows, 4 Weeping willows, 4 Quaking Aspens, 4 American Hazelnuts, Hybrid Poplars, Norway Spruce, 90 wild Grape Vines, 50 Virginia Creepers

at the bottom of a field

field 3 field 4

maples, banner and sky

and built a fabric wall

Banner, first day, field

Banner, leaving day, with path

 . . . as we found it in September . . .

as we left it in October . . .

and we made a path.


contributors:  Kathy, Rick, Ken, 2 Bens, Tanja, Tanner, Betty (sponsor),Christian, Josh, Denise, Pete, Jimmy, Carolyn, Rufus, Elmer, Suzanne, Kensi (kid spy), family, friends and neighbors